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You Are About To Discover The Solution To The Single Biggest Challenge That Real Estate Investors Have...

HINT: It's Not That They Don't Have Enough Money...


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June 26th - June 30th

Luc Madeus Presents

THE close your deal CHALLENGE

Discover the little known secret for producing the results your real estate business has been searching for...

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Take The Challenge

Question The Current Norm.

Will you challenge what you believe is possible for you? Step up to the challenge today. 

Time: Monday thru Friday

5 Day Commitment

1-2 hrs per day for 5 days. Dive into the steps and get really involved.

Final Result

More Deals Closed

Hit your next level by finding more motivated sellers and closing your first or next deal quickly by the end of class.

This Class Is For

Wholesalers, & Investors etc.

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up.

Take The Fast Track, Shrink Time
You Don't Have To Focus On Making More Money; Instead, Focus On Making Money Faster.

Take A Look At What Previous Students Are Saying...

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TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU do real estate
Learn The Mindset To Closing Deals!
During this 5-day class, learn the concept Luc Madeus calls Adaptive Business Systems. This is the concept Luc uses to repeatedly close deals, regardless of his starting point. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.
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Access to the Close Your Deal Challenge Facebook Group. You will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are excited to learn about closing more deals. 
Dealmaker's Edge
You will learn the secret to finding deals that cause investors to buy. Dealmaker's Edge is the key to building a big list of properties investors want to buy from you.
DEAL Hunting
Learn to locate motivated homeowners who need to sell their properties quickly. When you master this process you will be able to find hidden opportunities and close profitable deals. 
Investor Connect
You will learn the secrets to establishing valuable connections with verified investors who are qualified to buy the properties you find. This is the secret sauce to finding verified investors buyers that want to buy your deals. 
Closing systems
Learn to close real estate transactions smoothly and efficiently. When you master this process you will be able to create a business that is streamlined and successful
Grab your ticket and join the challenge today
Structured to perfection for 5 days
Discover a proven deal closing process, used by Luc Madeus and his students to generate over $200k in first deals closed, enabling you to close deals more, faster, and more profitable - one deal at a time.
Elevate your skills to new heights with our in-depth training sessions, projects, Q&A, and feedback sessions. Our world-class deal closing curriculum presents a unique opportunity to level up your abilities significantly.
Day 1: Business Foundation
On the first day, you will now know how to set the foundation to your business.
  • Success Mindset
  • Wholesaling Real Estate 101
  • ​​Setting Up Your Business
  • ​Funding Your Business
Day 2: Dealmaker's Edge
On the second day, you will understand why investors will buy your deals and how to max your profits
  • Wholesaling Economics
  • Selecting Your Market
  • ​​Dealmaker's Edge
  • Maximizing Profits​
    Day 3: Deal Hunting
    On the third day, you will now know how to have the right conversation with the right property owners
    • ODOF Hunt Process
    • Finding Motivated Sellers
    • ​​Lead Generation Mastery
    • Conversations That Convert
    Day 4: Investor Connect
    On the fourth day, you will learn to establish valuable connections with verified investors and run numbers
    • Investor Scouting
    • ​Investor Verification
    • Investor ROI
    • ​Investor Connect
    Day 5: Closing Systems
    On the fifth day, you will know how to close real estate transactions efficiently and repeatedly
    • Deal Closing Paperwork
    • Deal Closing Structures
    • Smooth Close
    • Collect Profit & Repeat
    Learn From The Best


    During this class, you will discover exclusive insights that Luc Madeus has previously only revealed in his exclusive high-end mentorship. Regardless of whether you are a novice real estate investor or one who already generates substantial revenue, you will gain knowledge about previously unknown opportunities.

    Featured In
    A Fresh Kind Of Challenge
    I understand you might be skeptical and think, "Oh great, another disguised sales pitch." However, I assure you that this is not the case. This is a 5-day training session that is both comprehensive and easy to comprehend. It is designed to improve your understanding of real estate to such an extent that your sellers & buyers will express gratitude towards you for closing the deal.

    Have you ever closed a deal making a huge profit, and had sellers & buyers express gratitude with tears of joy for the opportunity to work with you? If not, then there is much to discover about the preparation, negotiation, and closing of deals.
    Challenges Produce Winners, Do You Have What It Takes To Accept The Challenge?
    Keep in mind that not everything that appears good is actually beneficial, and conversely, not everything that appears bad is necessarily negative. Sometimes, encountering obstacles and working through them is the most effective method to acquire and perfect a new skill.

    The hurdles we face in life are the very things that build our resilience and enable us to remain steadfast when we reach our goals, regardless of their nature.

    Let me introduce you to a few of my students who accepted the challenge and emerged victorious.
    Emilio Loza

    Emilio stepped up and closed $10,000.00 on his first deal.

    You Can Step Up To The Challenge

    There Are Two Ways. Heres How:

    • Via Live Challenge
    • Recordings Available For A Limited Time After Live Sessions

    The Next Challenge Starts:

    June 26th - June 30th

    7:00pm-8:00pm EST

    General Admission

    YES, I'M IN!


    6:00pm-8:00pm EST

    VIP Experience

    YES, I'M IN!


    General Admission

    Here's What You Get...

    • 5 Days Of Wholesaling Training With Luc Madeus Master of Wholesaling...
    • ​​Access To Close Your Deal FB Group
    • ​Dominate The Marketplace And Crush The Competition
    • ​​How To Close Deals With Zero Prior Real Estate Experience

    VIP Experience

    Here's What You Get...

    • 5 Days Of Wholesaling Training With Luc Madeus Master of Wholesaling...
    • ​​Access To Close Your Deal FB Group
    • ​​​Dominate The Marketplace And Crush The Competition
    • ​​​How To Close Deals With Zero Prior Real Estate Experience
    • ​VIP Backstage Pass To The Zoom Q&A. VIP Ticket Holders Can Ask Luc A Question About Their Business (this is an additional hour of training each day)
    • ​Wholesaling Contracts Workshop Including Contracts
    • ​Luc's Seller Cold Call Script
    • ​4 Step Wholesaling System Ebook
    • ​Millionaire Mindset Programming
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Who is this class for?
    New or seasoned real estate entreprenuers with the desire to systematize their business and close more real estate deals. If you are a wholesaler, real estate investor or realtor looking to reach your maximum potential in business, then this class is for you.
    Q: Who is this class not for?
    This program is not for wantrepreneurs or business opportunity seekers who view it as just another shiny object to add to their collection of courses, books, and videos that they never actually utilize. If you're only mildly interested in business and not truly committed to pursuing it, we kindly ask that you refrain from wasting your money and our time.
    Q: How much is the training?
    There are two participation options available for The Close Your Deal Challenge. The General Admission option is $97, while the VIP Experience is available for only $297, providing VIP Ticket holders with exclusive backstage passes to observe and learn from the Zoom pre-game show, during which Luc Madeus will be answering Q&A sessions for VIP Ticket holders.
    Q: How is this different than your courses or free content on wholesaling?
    Although I have existing content on real estate wholesaling, this is my debut content on DealMaker's Edge, and it marks the first time I have created a challenge in a live or any other format.
    Q: Are the challenge classes live?
    Yes, the classes will be conducted in real-time. While the classes will be streamed live and recorded, please note that the recordings will not be available for purchase. Therefore, it is imperative that you either tune in live for the challenge or watch the recordings within the specified time frame during which they will be posted in the Facebook group.
    Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?
    The challenge training will take place every day from 7pm-8pm, with exclusive backstage VIP training and Q&A sessions for VIP Ticket holders scheduled from 6pm-7pm each day. It is highly recommended that you utilize the daily hours to complete the designated tasks within the given timeframe.
    Q: Will I get direct feedback from Luc?
    The virtual backstage pass to observe and learn from the daily Q&A sessions is exclusively available to those who have upgraded to the VIP Ticket. While the VIP Experience provides access to these sessions, individuals with General Admission will not be able to listen to the Q&A sessions before the general training.

    Transform into a Deal Closing Machine and conjure up some Deal Closing Magic...

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